Sensay Siamese Cat Breeders are based in North Lincolnshire, UK who occasionally have Siamese, Oriental Bicolour and Abyssinian Kittens for sale to loving homes.

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Welcome to Sensay Siamese, Oriental Bicolour Cats and Kittens.

We are hobby Siamese Cat Breeders including Oriental and Oriental Bicolour Cats based in North Lincolnshire, UK. We started breeding and showing Siamese Cats in 1995. We occasionally have Siamese and Oriental Bicolour Kittens For Sale to loving homes. Our prefix is registered with the GCCF (The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) and TICA (The International Cat Association), we are very proud to register and show our cats and kittens under both these registries. We have had some success on the show circuit and are very proud of the contribution Sensay Cats have made to the worldwide Siamese and Oriental gene pool with our lines behind many of todays show winners both at home and abroad!

Our foundation girl was a Cream Point Siamese whom we called Chloe (Legsby Devils Daughter). Despite having an intermittent squint and the tiniest of tail faults she made Champion. She was followed by our Lilac Tortie Siamese girl, Charlotte (Legsby Troublenstrife) who also made Champion and both girls proved to be good parents and produced us some lovely kittens. We branched out after a couple of years and took our girls to the more dominant colours which did us very well, we found we liked the uncertainty of what colours we could actually end up with as it added to the excitement. In early 2000 was the time that we decided to include the beautiful Oriental Shorthair into our breeding program and until fairly recently we have stayed with the Oriental Black, Havana and Tortie. In 2006 we were offered our beautiful Seal Point Bicolour (Seychellois) boy  Firousi Faux Paws, who started our Bicolour breeding program. He made TICA Double Grand Champion by the tender age of 10 months.

In December 2006 we entered our first TICA show and we were hooked, we love the difference in style in the way our cats are shown and competition is really stiff. We entered our first FIFE show (Felis Britannica) in 2008 with our import girl and have also thoroughly enjoyed this type of showing.

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Please enjoy your wander through our site, and we would welcome any comments you may like to make.

Sue & Tony Yates

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